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Convert Adium smileys to Colloquy smileys

Like almost every chat client, Colloquy uses its own format for smileys. There are many more smileys available for Adium than there are in Colloquy format, so I wrote a utility to convert Adium emoticon packages to Colloquy emoticon packages. It’s a Python script, and requires the plistlib module, which means you’ll need Python 2.5 if you’re running it on a Mac or Python 2.6 if you’re not.

Note: plistlib only handles XML-format plists, so if you get parse errors, your Adium smiley pack probably has a binary-format Emoticons.plist (the file inside the pack that describes the provided smileys.) To fix this, use OS X’s plutil tool to rewrite Emoticons.plist:

plutil -convert xml1 smileys.AdiumEmoticonSet/Emoticons.plist
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