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Package your own mod_auth_openid 0.9 for Ubuntu

First, you’ll need the Debian New Maintainers’ Guide… just kidding. It’s totally useless. Don’t bother with it unless you really care about copyright metadata.

We’ll be using Jordan Sissel’s FPM (“Effing package management!”) utility to turn a packaging directory into an actual .deb package. The packaging directory has the same structure as /: an /etc, a /usr, a /usr/lib, and so forth, and we’ll put build products from mod_auth_openid‘s Autotools project into it.

I’ve put the instructions into a gist, which should work on Ubuntu 13 (Ringtail/Salamander) and probably higher.

Note some minor wrinkles: APXS doesn’t respect the DESTDIR environment variable, so we can’t use make install into the packaging directory, and instead will have to assemble the contents of the packaging directory by hand.