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best-targeted spam ever

Subj: Necronomicon in PDF

WHY YES I DO WANT A COPY OF THAT. Sadly, the payload wasn’t even a trojan, just a Chinese-hosted pillz site. The default blocking of images from domains you don’t trust here is good; most clients have it now, and it was clearly developed as a response to web bugs but it also protects one from basilisks. It’s still trivial in the current email protocol to forge a sender, so trust no one – not even yourself.

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Bing: now in a can!

Too good for just my Facebook friends to know about, this is one of the lesser known perks of working at Microsoft:

Why use Google when the soda locker down the hall is full of these things? Does it quench your thirst? Hell no it doesn’t. But this will.

Bing in a can!

Bing in a can!

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more on: invalid BS_jmpBoot in boot block: 000000

I’ve been getting a lot of comments that say “invalid BS_jmpBoot in boot block: 000000” happens with  Apple’s Boot Camp HFS drivers from Snow Leopard as well as MacDrive. The act of assigning a drive letter to the partition seems to cause the GPT corruption. This would seem to make it a Windows issue. I do not speak for my employer in any official capacity, but when my current high-priority tasks are done, I’ll ask around at work and see if anybody knows anything about this issue.

Meanwhile, keep sending in your experience reports! The more data, the better.


update: Comments have been turned off for this post; all questions, comments, suggestions, and support requests about gpt-surgeon must be submitted through the gpt-surgeon LaunchPad site and should be accompanied with disktype reports.

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